Business Development Saltash

We also offer services and advice for business development in Saltash and the surrounding areas including Plymouth, Callington and Liskeard. Here at Lemsalu & Co Ltd, we are passionate about helping businesses grow and deliver the level of profit you want. Our fee is a small monthly retainer plus a modest percentage of the increase to your bottom line or the increase in the value of your business. The risk is on us! Whether you are a brand new business or a well-established company that needs guidance, we offer a fresh approach and a new beginning with optimism, focus and action.

Make your business work for you, and get in touch with us today for more information.

Build and Grow Your Business

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that helps build and grow your business, getting you to your desired goal. We will:

  • Measure your performance to help create a more profitable business.
  • Find your key numbers and begin to improve them.
  • Break down your types of sale and customers to assess if there is anything holding your business back.
  • Create KPIs (key performance indicators) to keep your business on the desired path.
  • Review your current costs and spending.
  • Identify cost efficiencies and savings.

These services will allow you to attract more of the customers you want, while increasing what you can offer them.

Why Choose Lemsalu & Co Ltd?

At Lemsalu & Co Ltd, we think outside the box to deliver the help and guidance you need. We also offer reliable tax and cash flow services, as tax planning will be a key part of your growth strategy. This will include knowing your tax bills in advance so you can plan your cash flow and look for potential ways to reduce your tax costs, so you can keep more of what you earn. We can also help improve your business processes to speed up the conversion of work completed to having cash in the bank! Our team believe they go further to find solutions and better outcomes for you than any other firm locally. 

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If you need help growing your business, please get in touch to start the process of changing your business today. We can provide you with help, support and fresh ideas to both reduce your stress and increase your profits!